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Originalbeiträge und Beiträge aus Wissenschaft und Praxis


Heft 2011(1)

Luhmann, T., Ohm, J., Piechel, J. & Roelfs, T.: Geometrische Kalibrierung von Thermografiekameras 5
Xie, H., Heipke, C., Lohmann, P., Soergel, U., Tong, X. & Shi, W.: A New Binary Encoding Algorithm for the Simultaneous Region-based Classification of Hyperspectral Data and Digital Surface Models 17

Heft 2011(2)

Bethmann, F. & Luhmann, T.: Kleinste-Quadrate-Zuordnung mit erweiterten geometrischen Transformationen 57
Jacobsen, K.: Geometric Property of Large Format Digital Camera DMC II 140 71

Heft 2011(3)

Rutzinger, M., Höfle, B., Oude Elberink, S. & Vosselmann, G.: Feasibility of Facade Footprint Extraction from Mobile Laser Scanning Data 97
Frick, A., Steffenhagen, P., Zerbe, S., Timmermann, T. & Schulz, K.: Monitoring of the Vegetation Composition in Rewetted Peatland with Iterative Decision Tree Classification of Satellite Imagery 109
Samadzadegan & Dadras Javan, F.: New Object Level Strategy for Image Fusion Quality Assessment of High Resolution Satellite Imagery 123
Wolf, N.: Feature Evaluation for a Transferable Approach of Object-based Land Cover Classification Based on Ikonos and QuickBird Satellite Data 135
Richter, R. & Dölliner, J.: Integrierte Echtzeit-Visualisierung von massiven 3D-Punktwolken und georeferenzierten Texturdaten 147
Keller, F., Sänger, J., Kersten, T. & Schiewe, J.: Historisches 4D-Stadtmodell der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg – Automatisierte Generierung und Darstellung innerhalb der Google Earth Engine 159

Heft 2011(4)

Chaabouni-Chouayakh, H. & Reinartz, P.: Towards Automatic 3D Change Detection inside Urban Areas by Combining Height and Shape Information 205
Klonus, S., Ehlers, M., Tomowski, D., Michel, U., & Reinartz, P.: Detektion von zerstörten Gebäuden in Krisengebieten aus panchromatischen Fernerkundungsdaten 219
Listner, C. & Niemeyer, I.: Object-based Change Detection 233
Günthert, S., Wieland, M. & Siegmund, A.: Change Detection Analysis for Assessing the Vulnerability and Protective Effect of Beach Forests in Case of the Tsunami 2004 in Thailand 245
Bernhard, E.-M., Twele, A. & Gähler, M.: Rapid Mapping of Forest Fires in the European Mediterranean Region – a Change Detection Approach Using X-Band SAR-Data 259
Shi, W. & Ding, H.: A Probability Model-based Method for Land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-Spectral Remotely Sensed Images 269

Heft 2011(5)

Bechtel, B.: Multisensorale Fernerkundungsdaten zur mikroklimatischen Beschreibung und Klassifikation urbaner Strukturen 325
Buck, O., Peter, B. & Büker, C.: Zwei-skaliger Ansatz zur Aktualisierung landwirtschaftlicher Referenzkulissen (LPIS) 339
Schmidt, K.: Analyse hyperspektraler Signaturen mit doppelten Weibull-Funktionen 349
Theilen-Willige, B.: Remote Sensing and GIS Studies of the Hegau Volcanic Area in SW Germany 361

Heft 2011(6)

Stoter, J., Vosselman, G., Goos, J., Zlatanova, S., Verbree, E., Klooster, R. & Ruevers, M.: Towards a National 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure: Case of The Netherlands 405
Klinger, T., Ziems, M., Heipke, C., Schenke, HW. & Ott, N.: Antarctic Coastline Detection using Snakes 421
Lehmann, F., Berger, R., Brauchle, J., Hein, D., Meissner, H., Pless, S., Strackenbrock, B. & Wieden, A.: MACS – Modular Airborne Camera System for Generating Photogrammetric High-Resolution Products 435
Seifert, M.; INSPIRE Data Specification for harmonised Orthoimageries 447

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Originalbeiträge und Beiträge aus Wissenschaft und Praxis


Heft 2012(1)

Jahn, H., Reulke, R.: A Sensor-Based Approach to Image Quality 19
Reulke, R., Weichelt, H.: SNR Evaluation of the RapidEye Space-borne Cameras 29
Schmidt R., Heipke, C., Wiggenhagen, M., Wolf, B.M.: Dense 3D Reconstruction of Low Texture Surfaces Using an Energy Minimization Framework with Smoothness-Based Priors 51
Krutz, U., Börner, A., Jahn, H:, Paproth, C., Scherbaum P. & Schlüssler, E.: System Theoretical Aspects for Designing Opto-Electronic Sensors for Remote Sensing 39

Heft 2012(2)

Blázquez, M. & Colomina, I.: On INS/GNSS-based Time Synchronization in Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing Multi-Sensor Systems 91
Skaloud, J. & Schaer, P.: Automated Assessment of Digital Terrain Models Derived From Airborne Laser Scanning 105
Honkavaara, e., Hakala, T., Markelin, l., Rosnell, T., Saari, H. & Mäkynen, J.: A Process for Radiometric Correction of UAV Image Blocks 115
Tommaselli, A.M.G. & Marcato Junior, J.: Bundle Block Adjustment of CBERS-2B HRC Imagery Combining Control Points and Lines 129
Niemeyer, F., Bill, R. & Grenzdörffer, G.: Konzeption und Genauigkeitsabschätzungen für eine Bestimmung der äußeren Orientierung eines Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 141
Kurz, F., Türmer, S., Meynberg, O., Rosenbaum, D., Runge, H., Reinartz, P. & Leitloff, J.: Low-cost optical Camera Systems for real-time Mapping Applications 159
Jagert, F. & Hauber, E.: Age Determination of Martian Low Shield Volcanoes by Crater Size-Frequency Measurements 177

Heft 2012(3)

Förstner, W.: Minimal Representations for Testing and Estimation in Projective Spaces 209
Wrobel, B.P.: Kreismarken in perspektiver Abbildung – im Bild und im Bündelblock 221
Hernández-López, D., Cabrelles, M., Felipe-García, B. & Lerma, J.L.: Calibration and Direct Georeferencing Analysis of a Multi-Sensor System for Cultural Heritage Recording 237
Markelin, l., Honkavaara, E., Schläpfer, D., Bovet, S. & Korpela, I.: Assessment of Radiometric Correction Methods for ADS40 Imagery 251
Gholizadeh, H., Zoej, M.J.V. & Mojaradi, B.: A Decision Fusion Framework for Hyperspectral Subpixel Target Detection 267
Koppe, W., Gnyp, M.L., Hennig, S.D., Li, F., Miao, Y., Chen, X., Jia, L. & Bareth, G.: Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral and Radar Remote Sensing for Estimating Winter Wheat Biomass in the North China Plain 281

Heft 2012(4)

Poli, D. & Soille, P.: Digital Surface Model Extraction and Reinement through Image Segmentation – Application to the ISPRS Benchmark Stereo Dataset 317
Haala, N. & Rothermel, M.: Dense Multi-Stereo Matching for High Quality Digital Elevation Models 331
Ok, A.Ö., Wegner, J.D., Heipke, C., Rottensteiner, F., Sörgel, U. & Toprak, V.: Accurate Reconstruction of Near-Epipolar Line Segments from Stereo Aerial Images 345
Hermosilla, T., Gil-Yepes, J.L., Recio, J.A. & Ruiz, L.A.: Change Detection in Peri-urban Areas Based on Contextual Classification 359
Braun, A.C., Weidner, U., Jutzi, B. & Hinz, S.: Kernel Composition with the one-against-one Cascade for Integrating External Knowledge into SVM Classification 371
Toutin, T., Omari, K., Blondel, E., Clavet, D. & Schmitt, C.: Scientist’s Idealism versus User’s Realism on Radarsat-2 HR Stereo Capability without GCP: Two Cases over North and Arctic Sites in Canada 385
Soheili Majd, M., Simonetto, E. & Polidori, L.: Maximum Likelihood Classification of Single High-resolution Polarimetric SAR Images in Urban Areas 395
Vassilaki, D.: Matching and Evaluating Free-form Linear Features for Georeferencing Space-borne SAR Imagery 409
Bartelsen, J., Mayer, H., Hirschmüller, H., Kuhn, A. & Michelini, M.: Orientation and Dense Reconstruction from Unordered Wide Baseline Image Sets 421
Jung, A., Götze, C. & Glässer, C.: Overview of Experimental Setups in Spectroscopic Laboratory Measurements – the SpecTour Project 433
Sima, A., Buckley, S.J., Kurz, T.H. & Schneider, D.: Semi-automatic Integration of Panoramic Hyperspectral Imagery with Photorealistic Lidar Models 443
Semmo, A., Hildebrandt, D., Trapp, M. & Döllner, J.: Concepts for Cartography-Oriented Visualization of Virtual 3D City Models 455

Heft 2012(5)

Meidow, J.: Eficient Multiple Loop Adjustment for Computer Vision Tasks 501
Iwaszczuk, D., Hoegner, L., Schmitt, M. & Stilla, U.: Line based Matching of Uncertain 3D Building Models with IR Image Sequences for Precise Texture Extraction 511
Ju, H., Toth, C. & Grejner-Brzezinska, D.A.: A New Approach to Robust LiDAR/Optical Imagery Registration 523
Muhle, D., Abraham, S., Wiggenhagen, M. & Heipke, C.: Identifying Correspondences in Sparse and Varying 3D Point Clouds using Distinctive Features 535
Plaue, M., Chen, M., Bärwolff, G. & Schwandt, H.: Multi-View Extraction of Dynamic Pedestrian Density Fields 547
Hernández-López, D., Felipe-García, B., Sánchez, N., González-Aguilera, D. & Gomez-Lahoz, J.: Testing the Radiometric Performance of Digital Photogrammetric Images: Vicarious vs. Laboratory Calibration on the Leica ADS40, a Study in Spain 557
Immitzer, M., Atzberger, C. & Koukal, T.: Eignung von WorldView-2 Satellitenbildern für die Baumartenklassifizierung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der vier neuen Spektralkanäle 573
Lausch, A., Pause, M., Merbach, I., Gwillym-Margianto, S., Schulz, K., ZzahHarias, S. & Seppelt, R.: Scale-specific hyperspectral remote sensing approach in environmental research 589
Mannel, S. & Price, M.: Comparing Classification Results of Multi-Seasonal TM against AVIRIS Imagery - Seasonality more Important than Number of Bands 603
Arroyo Ohori, K., Ledoux, H. & Meijers, M.: Validation and Automatic Repair of Planar Partitions Using a Constrained Triangulation 613
Cavegn, S. & Nebiker, S.: Automatisierte Verkehrszeichenkartierung aus mobil erfassten Stereobilddaten unter Verwendung der Tiefeninformation aus Dense-Stereo-Matching 631
Schaffert, M. & Starka, O.: Aufbau und Charakteristika der Geodateninfrastruktur von Austro Control – Eine GDI für die Zivilluftfahrt im Kontext von INSPIRE 647

Heft 2012(6)

Abdel-Wahab, M., Wenzel, K. & Fritsch, D.: Automated and Accurate Orientation of Large Unordered Image Datasets for Close-Range Cultural heritage Data Recording 679
Hannemann, W., Brück, T & Busch, W.: Zustandsdokumentation ausgedehnter untertägiger Hohlraumsysteme 691
Burkert, F. & Bamler, R.: Graph-Based Analysis of Pedestrian Interactions and Events Using Hidden Markov Models 701
Omran, A., Hahn, M., Hochschild, V., El-Rayes, A. & Geriesh, M.: Lithological Mapping of Dahab Basis, South Sinai, Egypt, using ASTER Data 711
Kersten, T.P. & Lindstaedt, M.: Automatic 3D Object Reconstruction from Multiple Images for Architectural, Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Applicatoins Using Open-Source Software and Web Services 727

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